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General Racing Rules

  1. The Trainer is the person acting individually or leading a team of people who have trained one or more falcons together throughout the training period.
  2. The Team is the Trainer and support crew who have trained one or more falcons together for a race on behalf of one or more Owners.
  3. A Team cannot include two independent Trainers.
  4. In the Flat Race the Falconer is the Team member luring and retrieving the falcon.
  5. In the Hunt Race the Falconer is the Team member slipping and retrieving the falcon.
  6. A Team can engage one or more Pilots but a Pilot cannot fly for more than one Team in any given race.
  7. The Owner is the Owner of the Falcon at the start of the race.
  8. An Owner can own more than one falcon and a falcon can have multiple owners.
  9. The Owner of the falcon is the entity who wins the prizes.
  10. The Breeder is the person or stud that hatched the Falcon.
  11. The falcon must have a means of attaching a GPS tag supplied by the race management.
  12. Each entry on the race card must include: the Falcon’s name, ring or microchip number, species (including hybrids), gender, age, the Falconer’s name, the Trainer’s name, the Owner’s name and the Breeder’s name. A wild-caught Falcon shall be listed as ‘wild-caught’ under Breeder’s name. For Hunt races, the Pilot’s name must also be included.
  13. Open Races are open to falcons only, of any species, gender or ages.
  14. The Contestants must provide their own insurance for any claims whatsoever against them.
  15. The Organisers shall not be responsible for any injury or loss to any Falcon, howsoever caused.
  16. The Falcon must carry a non-removable official registered ring or microchip identifying it as the individual described in its legal papers.
  17. If offered for sale the Falcon must have any legal documents required to make the sale.
  18. The Owners’ Racing Colours may be displayed on hoods or the uniforms of participants. Pilots and Falconers may wear sponsorship liveries, logos or racing colours.
  19. The Order of Flying will be declared one hour before the start of the competition drawn from a hat by the Timekeeper. Wherever possible no two falcons from one Team will be flown consecutively.
  20. If the weather changes during the course of the competition, no allowance will be made to any competitor except that the Timekeeper may decide to temporarily halt the competition or cancel it altogether because conditions are unsafe, for example low fog, storm or heavy rain.
  21. The wind strength at two metres must not exceed Force 5 i.e. 38km/hr, 24 miles/hour or 10.7 m/s and the temperature must not exceed 280
  22. The winner is the Falcon with the lowest time score.
  23. The Timekeepers must have no declared interest in any of the competitors.
  24. If the Falcon wanders off, the Timekeeper will decide whether or not to fly the next Falcon.
  25. If a Lost Falcon is still not recovered, the Trainer of the next Falcon has the right to refuse to fly because of risk to his own Falcon. In this case his Falcon will be moved to the last position in the Flying Order.
  26. All filming and media rights belong to the organisers of each event.