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Our Partners



The art of falconry using robotic prey

At Wingbeat, we believe that one of the most beautiful things falconry can offer is the pursuit flight. The contest for aerial supremacy, which can play out in so many ways, is the perfect demonstration of the predator/prey relationship. These flights demonstrate so much of the falcon’s potential and allows the falconer, now merely a spectator, to experience ringing flights, dramatic stoops and rapid low-level tail chases.


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Promoting Balance, Abundance, Sustainability.

The Bevis Trust promotes the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment and the promotion of biological diversity including by providing land on which areas of natural habitats shall be preserved and managed.

The Bevis Trust founder, Dr Nick Fox, has been involved in many conservation projects both overseas and at home. In that time he has brought real, tangible results to fruition. Coupling his conservation and wildlife experience with his first-hand knowledge of farming in South West Wales it was an obvious step to try and help these two potential antagonists to reach an accord.


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Specialising in Green Solutions

We support the wise and sustainable use of wildlife and habitats. To this end the long-term well-being of habitats and wildlife populations are our first priority, followed by the welfare of individual animals. To achieve these aims we undertake front-line field research, hands-on management of habitats and wildlife, education of biologists, managers, end-users and the public, and consultancies on wildlife law and regulation.


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