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Flat Racing Rules

These rules are in addition to the General Racing Rules.

  1. The Flat Races can include events for different ages or species of Falcon and for different classes of competitors.
  2. The race distance is normally 400 metres along a smooth, level track.
  3. The start and finish lines are infra-red or radar beam gates connected together to record timings to 0.001 seconds accuracy and screened at 0.01 seconds accuracy.
  4. The Falcon must pass through both start and finish gates.
  5. The start gate is 5 metres wide and the Falconer must stand no closer than 5 metres from the beam and no further than 20 metres from the beam.
  6. The finish gate is no more than 30 metres wide and 30 metres high at the beam.
  7. The Falconer can call the Falcon using only the lure (tilwah) and must stand behind the finish gate.
  8. The dress of the Falconer can be any type specified by the race Organisers.
  9. On unhooding the Falcon, the Falconer must keep his hand static. Attempts to launch the Falcon from the hand will disqualify the entry.
  10. A Falcon which fails to start after two minutes from being unhooded will be disqualified.
  11. If a Falcon fails to complete the course within three minutes it will be disqualified.
  12. If the Falcon wanders off, the Timekeeper will decide whether or not to fly the next Falcon.